Word for 2022

Word for 2022

Do you choose a word each New Year as your focus for the year? I started doing this a few years ago and find it more powerful than creating New Year’s Resolutions.

In this video I share my word for 2022 and why I chose it. If you have a word for 2022, please share it with us in the comment section.



Open Yourself Up to ALL Possibilities

Clinging to old beliefs for fear of having nothing to hold on to will keep you stuck and unable to move forward. Once you are ready to let go of what you think you know and open yourself up to the unknown, your world will open up in ways that are currently unavailable to you. You cannot hold on to what you believe to be true and expect your world to change for it will not. How you experience your world is a direct reflection of the beliefs you hold within you. It cannot be any other way.

How can you expect to see when you refuse to open your eyes fully? You cannot. Let go of what you think you know and suspend all beliefs if only for a short while so you can see a glimpse of that which you are currently unaware. You can always return to your previous state if you so choose but we assure you that once you get a taste of what else is possible for you, you will not want to turn back.

Let go of your fear of the unknown and step forward with courage and trust that the road ahead, if followed with your heart, will never lead you astray.

Marisa’s Musings

An old belief I adopted as a child was that I wasn’t smart enough to ever go to university. This belief dictated my career choice to become an Early Childhood Educator since this would only require a college diploma and would fulfill my desire to work with children.

While working full time, I decided to take a university course, only for personal interest. I had NO intention at that time to work towards a university degree. As one thing led to another, I ended up enrolling in a university correspondence program that led me to quitting my job to finish my Bachelor of Arts Degree followed by a Teaching Degree. I continued with my studies part time as I worked full time as an elementary school teacher and received my Masters of Education Degree in 1991.

This never would have been possible if I wasn’t willing to put my fear of failure aside and suspend my belief that I wasn’t smart enough.  I feel so grateful that as I continued to step out of my comfort zone and follow my heart, I’ve been led to experiencing a life that I never dreamed was possible for me.

If you’re holding on to a belief that’s stopping you from living a full and joyful life, I encourage you to imagine what your life could be like if you let this limiting belief go and then take one small step towards what you most desire to experience.

Are you ready to step into the realm of unlimited possibilities? If so, get ready for a magnificent ride!

What is Channeling?

When you hear the word “Channeling” what comes to mind? There are different meanings for this word and not everyone who channels experiences channeling in the same way. For some people, non-physical beings take over their bodies (with their permission, of course) and speak directly through them to those listening. That’s not how it is for me.

In this video, I share how I receive Channeled Messages. I first started receiving messages at the end of May 2013 and they continue to this day. Although I can sometimes simply ask for a message to come through during the day and receive one, I am usually awakened in the middle of the night (between 3 and 5 a.m.) and feel called to go to my computer where I type what I “hear.”

I’m not an expert on channeling and yet I believe anyone can receive messages from non-physical beings if this is their desire. They key is to be open and still long enough to be able to “hear” what these non-physical beings wish to share with you and through you.

Look How Far You’ve Come

You are doing so much better than you may think. Just look at how far you’ve come in your life so far with all your challenges and heartache, struggle and pain. What you’ve been through in your life has not been easy and yet, here you are, ready for another day, open to learning and growing and expanding. This is not insignificant. It is extremely significant.

You know there is more to life and you are seeking to experience more. The more you remain conscious of this desire within you and the more you are willing to open up to all possibilities, the easier it will be for you to experience all that you desire.

We know it is difficult for many of you to believe that you can have everything you want, especially since you’ve been told almost since birth that this is not possible. Remember, what you’ve been taught has been passed down from generation to generation from those who didn’t know what was truly possible. If they knew, they would have passed this on to you. Do not be angry with those who taught you things that are not universally true for they did not do this to hurt you but to protect you. They wanted to protect you from desiring something that they didn’t think was possible so that you would not be hurt and disappointed. They wanted you to be happy and so they taught you to not wish for too much.

We are here to tell you that you can have and experience what you want.

It is okay if you feel some skepticism about this for we understand you want to protect yourself from being disappointed and hurt. All we ask is that you begin to open up to the possibility that what we say is true and be willing to explore this possibility.

Play with possibilities and begin to imagine and ask yourself “What if I could truly have everything I want? What would my life be like? How would I feel?” Begin to immerse yourself in visualizing and feeling as if you already have everything you want. This is a great first step.

Marisa’s Musings

I can’t remember when I first started opening up to the possibility that I could actually have, be and do whatever I wanted in life. What I do remember is that when I first heard or read about this, I thought it was absurd. I was also intrigued and decided to explore this further. If it really was true, I wanted to know how to tap into this field of infinite possibilities.

I’ve learned so much over the years and played with all kinds of tools designed to support the process of manifesting what I desire and I can say with absolute confidence that this field of infinite possibility really does exist and the more I learn how to access this field, the more I attract what I desire into my life. I’ve also learned that there are many layers to uncovering all that prevents me from receiving all that I desire and I continue to work on removing the layers that block me or stop me from experiencing everything I want.

I still experience times when I feel frustrated and uncertain and can’t seem to figure out why I’m not able to attract something I want into my life and I don’t let this stop me because I know that as long as I am willing to dig deeper and stay on this path of possibilities, I will eventually uncover and remove whatever is in the way. I know this because I’ve experienced it over and over again and this path has led me to where I am today, living an extraordinary life with the man of my dreams.

This is the time of year for New Beginnings and I invite you to open your mind and your heart and step onto this path of unlimited possibilities. Let this New Year be the beginning of looking at yourself and your life in new and more empowering ways. You are a Magnificent Being of Light, capable of creating what you truly desire. All you need to do is uncover what is blocking you and activate the power and wisdom that is buried within you.

A Time to Reflect

Jesus came to spread a message of peace, forgiveness and love to everyone and whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this can be a time for you to reflect on your life and look for how you can be more peaceful, forgiving and loving towards yourself and others.

When will you remember that what you do to another, you do to yourself and that what you think about another you think about yourself and when you judge another you judge yourself?

Until you are able to love yourself completely, you will not be able to fully love another no matter how hard you may try.

Many of you seek love from outside of yourself and yet true love comes from within and extends outwards towards others. Until you are able to give yourself love, you will not be able to receive it from others and you will continue to experience a sense of lack and unworthiness.

Marisa’s Musings

Have you ever wondered why so many of us have such difficulty loving ourselves unconditionally? As much as I’ve come a long way over the years towards loving myself, I still have a ways to go. I’m still hard on myself at times and will beat myself up when I’m feeling upset about not living up to my expectations and then I beat myself up more for beating myself up because I think I should know better. I forgive myself for the times I’ve fallen into this trap.

I’m still working on celebrating how far I’ve come instead of looking at how far I think I have yet to go to reach all my goals. For example, I used to hate myself and felt completely unworthy of love and had very low levels of self-confidence and self esteem. I’ve come a long way from that dark place and I’m so grateful for this.

Yes, there are still times when I lack confidence and when my self-esteem takes a nose dive and yet, for the most part, I feel very good about myself and what I’ve created in my life and I am filled with gratitude.

I believe the reason we sometimes have difficulty loving ourselves is because we’ve forgotten who we are and we’re living out our lives with the wounds from our past. During this festive and Holy time, let’s be more conscious of how we’re treating ourselves and do our best to heal our wounds and forgive ourselves for the times we’ve been unloving towards others and towards ourselves.   As we heal our wounds and remember more and more about who we REALLY are, we will fall more and more in love with ourselves and this will extend to loving everyone around us more deeply and authentically.

I wish you much peace, love and joy not only during this festive time, but always and until we meet again, I send you love & blessings.

Profound Christmas Commercial

Marisa’s Musings

This video moved me to tears and made me think about how often many of us put off taking the time to visit those we love because we think we’re too busy. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in our day to day lives and lose sight of what’s really important…our relationships with our family and friends.

Is there someone in your life that you haven’t seen for a while and who you would miss if they were gone? If so, I invite you to reach out and make time to visit them, in person. Life is a gift and we never know how long any of us will have on this earth. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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