You are doing so much better than you may think. Just look at how far you’ve come in your life so far with all your challenges and heartache, struggle and pain. What you’ve been through in your life has not been easy and yet, here you are, ready for another day, open to learning and growing and expanding. This is not insignificant. It is extremely significant.

You know there is more to life and you are seeking to experience more. The more you remain conscious of this desire within you and the more you are willing to open up to all possibilities, the easier it will be for you to experience all that you desire.

We know it is difficult for many of you to believe that you can have everything you want, especially since you’ve been told almost since birth that this is not possible. Remember, what you’ve been taught has been passed down from generation to generation from those who didn’t know what was truly possible. If they knew, they would have passed this on to you. Do not be angry with those who taught you things that are not universally true for they did not do this to hurt you but to protect you. They wanted to protect you from desiring something that they didn’t think was possible so that you would not be hurt and disappointed. They wanted you to be happy and so they taught you to not wish for too much.

We are here to tell you that you can have and experience what you want.

It is okay if you feel some skepticism about this for we understand you want to protect yourself from being disappointed and hurt. All we ask is that you begin to open up to the possibility that what we say is true and be willing to explore this possibility.

Play with possibilities and begin to imagine and ask yourself “What if I could truly have everything I want? What would my life be like? How would I feel?” Begin to immerse yourself in visualizing and feeling as if you already have everything you want. This is a great first step.

Marisa’s Musings

I can’t remember when I first started opening up to the possibility that I could actually have, be and do whatever I wanted in life. What I do remember is that when I first heard or read about this, I thought it was absurd. I was also intrigued and decided to explore this further. If it really was true, I wanted to know how to tap into this field of infinite possibilities.

I’ve learned so much over the years and played with all kinds of tools designed to support the process of manifesting what I desire and I can say with absolute confidence that this field of infinite possibility really does exist and the more I learn how to access this field, the more I attract what I desire into my life. I’ve also learned that there are many layers to uncovering all that prevents me from receiving all that I desire and I continue to work on removing the layers that block me or stop me from experiencing everything I want.

I still experience times when I feel frustrated and uncertain and can’t seem to figure out why I’m not able to attract something I want into my life and I don’t let this stop me because I know that as long as I am willing to dig deeper and stay on this path of possibilities, I will eventually uncover and remove whatever is in the way. I know this because I’ve experienced it over and over again and this path has led me to where I am today, living an extraordinary life with the man of my dreams.

This is the time of year for New Beginnings and I invite you to open your mind and your heart and step onto this path of unlimited possibilities. Let this New Year be the beginning of looking at yourself and your life in new and more empowering ways. You are a Magnificent Being of Light, capable of creating what you truly desire. All you need to do is uncover what is blocking you and activate the power and wisdom that is buried within you.

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