Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey

The following post was written by Jenish Modi and what he shares is based on his personal thoughts and reflections about our Spiritual Journey. Jenish is a co owner of the website called Good Question. A solution designer by day, a book enthusiast by night, and a problem solver always. Jenish is a Spiritual seeker trying to know or understand Consciousness.

According to Jenish, everyone has their view on Consciousness. Similarly, he has tried to put his thoughts into writing. Jenish believes consciousness is a Mystery and Mystery can only be solved by us (we, the everyone) by diving inside ourselves and rising from our Intellectual level.

As a passionate software professional, Jenish strongly believes that Computer Science and AI (when applied consciously), are powerful tools that can help elevate human consciousness and well-being. His other passions include sports, books, and doing whatever he can to thank Mother Earth that has made life possible.

What is a Spiritual Voyage? How did it begin? Is it conscious or Intellectual?

The spiritual journey is about knowing your spirit. It means knowing yourself. Who am I? It begins when you start questioning yourself consciously about the occurrence of circumstances in your life. It starts when you start examining your beliefs. It starts with questioning yourself, who AM I? Where I came from? Where I am going to? What is the purpose of all this? It’s subjective to each individual. There is a specific reason why one is Spiritual. It is a matter of individuals to dive within, to get the answers.

Spirit or Soul is eternal and immortal. It cannot be changed now or ever and will never change and something [the body and material world] will always change and keeps changing. You cannot stop the changing process. To understand and accept this reality is to be Spiritual.

Spirituality is not for seekers. It’s for those who want to embrace the change, those who are scientifically minded. According to Bhagavad Gita, Indian(Hindu) Mythology, Krishna and Arjuna both were householders, and yet they had Spiritual Awareness and lived Spiritual lives. You don’t have to be a monk to be a Spiritual or to walk on a Spiritual path.

The Spiritual journey begins with self-inquiry.

How will you feel while you are on this voyage?

The journey can be like a roller coaster, with massive ups and downs. The beginning of your journey might put you in doubt about yourself for doing everything. There will be times when your confidence will shatter and you feel completely lost and a loser of the world. You will nowhere see the light even though you are surrounded by enlightened persons. Doubting yourself, losing confidence, losing faith in everyone will become part of this journey.

The only way out is to stick to it in your journey, even though you lose confidence in yourself, keep surviving and you will find the light of awareness after all the struggle. Again, this does not have to be true for everyone, it’s an individual experience.

This is your journey, accept it, and enjoy it. Make it an adventure. It’s completely wise to accept that not everyone has the capability to understand the situation from the core, and that is completely natural. Everyone has their own world.

The Spiritual Journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of Love.

– Marianne Williamson

What are you going to achieve or discover throughout this journey?

If you are setting a goal and thinking about achieving the superpower of the world after being enlightened then you are going to be a disaster as hell. First and foremost, the word achieve disappears when you are on a spiritual path. So, if there is still an achievement tool that keeps going inside you, you must accept that you are not on the right track.

You will discover there is more to life than this physical dimension. You will realize that letting go of things no longer serves you. You will start noticing the sync of your thoughts with Universe signs. You will discover the meaning of Compassion, Kind, Polite, Humble, and Love with selfless deeds. There is nothing to do, nothing to achieve, nothing to Gain, and nowhere to go.

There is no such destination but you will experience the journey of Self Realization, which is also known as God-Realization. Your suffering comes to an end, and everything is blissful and peaceful with you and around you.

The moment you feel peace and bliss within you, is the actual Enlightenment.

What are the ways and signs of Spiritual Awakening?

Meditation is the ultimate and powerful way to be Spiritually Awakened. Devotion and Yoga are also the finest ways to be Aware. Reading Spiritual books, attending spiritual sessions of Spiritual scholars are also ways seekers follow.

There are multiple signs of Spiritual Awakening and the beauty of those signs are they all start getting aligned together once you lose the mind – the intellectual. You will be filled with Love, Gratitude, Compassion, and Kindness. You will consciously start adding the values in others’ lives. You become more empathetic and drawn towards Nature. You start living in the moment rather than in the drama of past and future. Your belief becomes sacred and you are in sync with the Universe at every moment. With Self Awareness you shift beyond the realm of Self Actualization.

What are you going to lose in Spiritual journey?

The ‘Self of Ego ‘will be lost forever. The Ego will get shattered and disappear. The mind – the intellect is forced to take the back seat and the higher self will take the charge of the driving seat. You will lose the drama of mind.

Where is the destination of the Spiritual journey?

There is no such destination where you will end up. It’s an ongoing process. This is the catch. People think from the intellect that we must be reaching somewhere divine where everything will be powerful and we will have a superpower. The truth is, there isn’t anything like this. It’s all drama created by the mind. You detached your mind from your Soul is the destination of a Spiritual Journey. You become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings as the destination. Detachment does not mean you should own nothing. It means that nothing should own you.

Once you are Spiritually enlightened, the law of karma doesn’t affect you. It does exist and works on its accord but it doesn’t bother you.

There is no mission or a milestone to achieve, just live and leave.

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