Did your father believe in you when you were growing up? If so, he truly did give you the greatest gift ever. I now know that my father believed in me but as a result of his upbringing and cultural conditioning, he kept this to himself when I was a child. He was taught that it was best to rule by instilling fear and not giving praise to ensure his daughters would not go astray.

I remember asking him once when I was about 10 years old why he only spoke up and punished us when we were doing something he believed was wrong or not good enough and never said anything when we did a good job with something. His response was something like, “You know if I don’t say anything, what you’re doing is good.”

Although his method of childrearing did result in all his daughters getting a great education and not getting into any trouble with drugs, alcohol, etc., it also left us with some deep wounds that made our lives challenging in different ways.

I’m grateful for the inner work I’ve done that helped me heal from these wounds. This work also helped me develop a greater understanding of my father that led to feeling deeper love, compassion and appreciation for him and all the sacrifices he made for me and the rest of my family.

What about you?

What was your relationship like with your father growing up and what’s it like now?

If your relationship with your father, or any other family member, isn’t what you’d like it to be, I invite you to book a Complimentary Relationship Renewal Breakthrough Session with me.

Together we can explore what might be in your way and some steps you can take to get you started in creating a new and more empowering relationship with the person you’re currently struggling with.

Simply choose a date and time on my online calendar for us to connect.

You deserve to experience more peace and joy in your life and in your relationships and I know I can help you with this.
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