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Profound Christmas Commercial

A friend of mine shared the following video on FB and I just had to share it with you. Even though it was published on YouTube in 2015, the message is just as profound today. Marisa's Musings This video moved me to tears and made me think about how often many of us...

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What is Faith?

What does it mean to have faith? This word is often associated with some type of religious belief and those of you who have chosen not to follow a particular religion may have also let go of connecting to any form of faith. Faith is not about believing in the...

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The Power of Gratitude

Much has been written about the power of gratitude and yet it is so misunderstood. Giving thanks is not just about making a long list of things you would not wish to be without. It is about truly appreciating all the blessings in your life including what you may...

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Do You Feel Safe to BE YOU?

Marisa's Musings Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if each one of us felt safe to express our TRUE authentic selves. Imagine a world where EVERYONE felt safe to BE themselves! No fear of rejection. No fear of judgement. No fear of failure No feelings of...

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Marisa Ferrera

Hi, I’m Marisa

I understand the pain of feeling stuck, unworthy and incapable of achieving your dreams and I am so grateful for the guidance and support I received over the years that led me to creating a relationship and lifestyle that is beyond what I imagined was even possible.

My heart-felt desire is to help YOU remember the TRUTH about who you REALLY are and support you in reconnecting to your inner wisdom and power so you can create a life that matches your heart’s desires.

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