Are You Ready to Create Healthy Boundaries
& Speak Up for Yourself?



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Comments From Challenge Participants & Coaching Clients 

The truly exceptional gift Marisa gave me was the ability to speak up for myself. I had a childhood fraught with mental-emotional abuse, where I would get punished for anything that remotely resembled confidence or personal power. Marisa taught me how to say things in a way that honors my boundaries while respecting others. She has reignited my self-respect & dignity. Thank you, Marisa from the bottom of my heart. ~Haley

Through working with Marisa,  I’ve learned how to, in the very moment it happens, recognize what I’m not happy with, instead of people pleasing and express my needs politely. Whereas before I had fear of rejection and arguments, I’ve learned how to calmly address issues and to move more fluidly to win-win situations. Marisa has given me greater confidence in expressing my needs and wants without creating bigger problems. ~Elizabeth 

I can use the ideas you shared to confidently and calmly identify when and how best to defend my boundaries in a way that is authentic and empowering. ~L.W.

What I found most valuable: becoming aware of how much I am saying yes without stopping to think through if it really works for me or not. I notice already I am pausing to consider my yes or no now. I wasn’t being very mindful about it when it comes to family members. ~A.A.

What I found most valuable – doing a deep dive into the corners of my soul and recognizing the difference between a heartfelt yes and an insincere yes. Recognizing this will help me make better choices. ~Randa

What I found most valuable was the opportunity to really examine the reasons for me not being able to clearly set my boundaries and say no when I NEED to. It gave me insight into how I can better face these situations from a place of honouring myself. Your examples of what to say in different situations were very helpful in giving me ways and a model for how to express my NOs in an authentic and caring way so that it both speaks my truth but does not come across as being selfish. ~Leslie

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